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QualiCost was formed with a vision that we can make "Quality" tangible. By effective measurement and control, Quality can take processes to an ultimate point where the costs are reduced to a minimum and the processes are brought to the maximum and the best possible outcome.

We don't only provideyou with the tools to make this happen, but also help you understand how to use our system within your own structure to achive your organizational objectives.

We are able to do this because of:

  • Our vast experience in various industries
  • Our experienced talent pool
  • Our willingness to learn and evolve from every client
  • Our character when facing facts

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Phone: +47 488 46 489
Email: post@qualicost.no

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Bømlo: Dalanesvegen 50

Bergen: Kokstadflaten 35

Sogndal: Sognefjordvegen 40

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Our team



Anders Tveita


Email: anders@qualicost.no
Phone: +47 488 46 489

Helge Urang

Technical Support Manager

Email: helge@qualicost.no
Phone: +47 950 61 057

Dag Pettersen

Member of the Board

Kirsten Elin Bringeland

HSEQ Director

Email: kirsten@qualicost.no
Phone: 473 06 572

Reidun Julia Aamodt

HSEQ Manager

Email: reidun.julia@qualicost.no
Phone: +47 981 03 405

Kjell Hilde

Chairman of the Board

Ronnie Eide


Email: ronnie@qualicost.no
Phone: +47 468 61 900


Noor Din

Email: noor@qualicost.com
Phone: 00 971 55 108 7999


Harshal Pol

Email: harshal@qualicost.no
Phone: 00 91 98251 27582