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Does your organization need implementation of a different standard than those we have listed on our website?

There is a myriad of different standards organizations can implement and get certified. Our engineers specialize in implementing not only the mentioned standards here, but also many others. These can be standards for steel structures, aluminum, and many, many others.

Please contact us regarding your standard.

Frequently asked questions in relation to ISO-certification


How long does it take before my business can be certified?
This varies from business to business, and depends on many factors. The size of the company, what the company has before it comes to quality system, and in addition that the ISO 9001 project has a solid foundation in the company. The company must also be able to prove compliance with its quality management system for at least 3 months before certification can take place.

Does it cost to certify my business?
QualiCost assists your company with the development and implementation of the management system. Progress plan is agreed and the cost of the work depends entirely on size and complexity. There is also a charge for the certification itself, carried out by a recognized certification body.

My company is considering ISO 9001 certification. How does QualiCost work for me as a customer?
We work closely with our customers in building and implementing quality systems. It is you who will be certified who know best about their own business. You are familiar with your own operations, it's about documenting how you work and facilitating continuous improvement!

Why choose QualiCost?
QualiCost has assisted a number of companies in their certification process over the last 15 years. All our advisors are educated engineers in Quality and HSE, and have extensive experience in many industries, and very good academic weight in Quality and HSE work. QualiCost works with you as a customer. Involvement is a key word for us, your quality system will continue to work well after our commitment has been completed.