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QMS Admin


Manage all parameters from admin module, and have full control of user access.

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The administration in QMS is the heart of our software. The administration has branches to all modules, and all modules use data from administration module.
In the administration you can manage all static parameters, like customers, suppliers, employees, item, machines, departments and project, to name some.
The administration also has our special solution for user access - a powerful function where the organization decide its own setup for user accesses.

Core functions

User access

User access down to single buttons in QMS. Manage and decide which functions and buttons user have access to

Roles / Groups

Create roles and groups for easier management of access. Users are linked to selected roles - which creates a great structure for the access control

External users

External users can be created in the same way as internal users. In this way, customers and suppliers can interact in your organization's management system - of course with restrictive accesses


Project management with ful control over documentation, status and hours. Can be re-used in all modules


Function for creating hierarchy for departments. The hierarchy can also be shown as graphics. Can be re-used in all modules


Customer registry with many settings. Can be re-used in all modules


Supplier registry with many features. Possibility of categorizing, in addition to linking to surveys for evidence. Can be re-used in all modules


Item registry for use in amongst other modules timesheet, invoice and PO. Many strong features, especially when it comes to production process


Machine registry with many features. Documentation can be saved directly to any given machine, and machines can be used in relation to for ecample maintenance and timesheet registrations

Wage type

Very strong wage type registry with all thinkable features for timesheet and payroll


User logs with overview over activity in your organization


Strong function for competence, which includes customized creation of competence registry. The function also has automatic GAP-analysis including registering of deviations, in addition to add competence pr position


The QMS administration module is not only used to register and maintain set data, but also for many other exciting features. Examples of these features is component registry, custom reports from all modules in QMS, client settings and functions for editing of all values in dropdowns in QMS. We say that this module is the heart of QMS - and we are sure that your organization will see the benefit of the way we have built it.


Other products

Reporting Center

With our flexible and dynamic reporting center you can create your own templates for deviations and all other types of reports

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Full flex HRM, containing all your organization needs for employees, appraisals, timesheets and payroll. Integrated with all modules in QMS

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Run surveys to find your customers satifactory level, and evaluate your suppliers. Create internal surveys for evaluating the working environment

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Customizable functions for competence, allowing your organization to build own models and analysis for all types of competence

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Strong module with all the features you need for registering checklist. Integrated is also automatic NCR based on rejection rules

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Document Center

Document center with all features needed. Includes approval flows, audit, and automatic edit/save in your local editor

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Mobile application

Seamlessly integrated mobile application. Holds features for reports, checklists, documents, tasks, timesheet and purchase

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Our timesheet module is 100 % dynamic. Includes balance bank and holiday bank – and the module is also available in mobile application

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