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QMS Recruitment

Taking care of everything in your recruitment process - from application to hire


QMS Recruitment embraces many areas of the organization’s work, from advertisement, application and selection, to HR and standard quality management.
The automatic quality control at all stages of the process is essential, allowing for reduced efforts in hire and manage employees.

QMS Recruitment can be used in any type of organization, small or big, and meets requirements from international quality standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Everything is linked – allowing for better flows and processes, and better control and traceability.


Core modules & -functions

All functions of the core modules are available in QMS Recruitment, including dedicated modules for the industry.


Create your own checklists from scratch - starting with your own controls. Choose between multiple types of controls - set your own rules for automatic non conformances, and much, much more...


Applications can be automatically or manually processed, based on settings made by your organization. Applications can be automatically categorized, sorted and sent to relevant receivers for follow up.


Shortlist candidates - and distribute to for example your customers, or internally in your organization. Receiver will receive email with link and username/password to his dedicated home area in QMS.


Select the candidates of your choice for further processing. Candidates can be selected, put on hold or rejected. Candidates will always be notified of your decisions - if this is wanted.

External users

External users can be invited into the recruitment module - and get access to dedicated drives and vacancies. External users can select, download, perform interviews and select/reject candidates


Download our predefined Executive Summary - specially created for easy handling and processing of candidates. Get full overview, and compare candidates easier than you have ever imagined


You can invite candidates for interviews from the Recruitment module, and automatic notifications will be added to the respective mail inboxes of the candidate and your interviewer. Interview guide is ready for interview - to allow for easy comparing between candidates


Visa package can be created directly in QMS - and all involved persons will be notified of which documents to add to the visa package. Package can later be downloaded, or processed through an agent


As soon as your organization have decided to hire a person, all documentation and notes will be added to the automatically created user in QMS. The new employee will automatically receive login information for the quality system - both for web and mobile application