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QMS Survey

Easily evaluate your own or other organizations through our QMS Survey Module.


The best way to evaluate if the organization has done a good job, is to ask. Similarly, we may ask questions to our suppliers, in order to evaluate them. Surveys amongst our coworkers, may be anonymized, which leads to honest replies and results. The module can be used for all types of surveys - both internal and external.

Create surveys for evaluating suppliers with points for each question or answer alternative, and categorize suppliers on the basis of their responses. Create customer surveys to measure satisfaction, and use the module's statistic function to categorize answers and results.

The module can also be used to internal surveys, as for example for new employees and survey of psychosocial environment. In these survey all answers will be anonymized, but results and statistics will still be available.


Core functions


The organization can create their own surveys, down to the given question and its parameters


Create questions with a large selection of control types to customize the survey to the receivers. Add rules for skipping questions, and much, much more...


Surveys can be distributed internally and externally - both to customers and suppliers


By evaluating external parties, the result of the survey is saved directly in the profile card of the customer/supplier. This documentation will cover the legislation from most international standards


Surveys can be answered both through web and mobile application


Statistics can be generated for individual surveys, optionally groups of surveys - both in graphical or non-graphical UI. In addition to this a large quantity of reports for printing is available.


All surveys can be exported directly to Excel - with different output based on your own selectable settings


Reports can be generated for individual or groups of surveys

Overview and reminders

Overview and live status for surveys - with possibilities of sending reminders for unanswered surveys

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