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QMS Process


Vizualization of processes - including documents, checklists and reports


QMS Process vizualizes all processes in your organization – with interactive interface. This means you can navigate the total process map, getting full overview over documented information related to a certain process or sub process.

The functionality also allows for multiple companies (group) where overall processes applicable to the total group in addition to the given company’s specific processes can be shown. Documents can be linked to any given of the five available levels in a process, and reports like NCR’s and checklists can also be linked to the same level easily.

Each level of a given process can be defined with inputs and outputs – linked with real inputs/outputs like documented information, departments, suppliers, customers and positions.

Core functions


Processes, sub processes, points and sub points can be created as pleased, and positioned for the graphical view


Create up to five levels for one single process - all levels with possibilities of linking to documents, checklists, reports and much more

Input / Output

Inputs and Outputs can be defined for every level of each process. Inputs and Outputs can be linked to customers, suppliers, documentation, departments and positions

Critical points

Easy definition of critical points in the processes


Documents in Document Center can be linked to a certain level/point of one or multiple processes. The document will further be available for download in the graphical view


Checklists with links to given level of process will automatically be visible in graphical view


Reports like NCR and Near Miss will automatically be subject to statistical viewing directly in the graphical view of processes

Expanding / Collapsing

All levels of all processes can be expanded, showing the content of each level. Easy collapsing by reversing actions performed


Process view is available for single clients, but also for bigger organizations.


The latest version (2015) of the International Standard ISO 9001 has a focus on processes.

QMS Process meets all requirements from the standard for processes - and more. The process function simplifies the total structure of the organization, actually visualizing it, and makes the organization more understandable for employees and other interested parties. With great flexibility, links to all other aspect of QMS, and a smooth UI, this function will give your organization a new view on quality work.


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