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QMS Competence


Get full overview over available competence in the organization

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QMS Competence gives you a complete overview of the available human resources / competence found in the organization. In order to register competence, either the employee register can be used, or the competence can be registered through My Page by the employee himself. If this is done, the competence must be verified by an parent user.

To ensure that the organization has the human resources required, competence requirements can be made directly in QMS. Special GAP reports per department / company can be created, and QMS will find any GAP. This feature can be set up for several years, and should a deviation occur - QMS will automatically detect the deviations for you and send to the correct follow up user.

Core functions


Since all organizations are different, competence types can be built as pleased in QMS. This creates a great flexibility for the organization.

Competence types

Create as many competence types as desired. Competence types will be re-used throughout the function for competence - including GAP and requirements


Attachments can be added to document competence - but as with everything in QMS - this is up to the organization itself!


The organization can set up competence matrices with requirements - as far ahead in time as desired


Where deviations occur between competence requirements / matrix and actual resources, QMS will automatically create deviations and send to the correct recipient


GAP analysis can be set up for automatic calculation of GAP between requirements and actual competence. Analysis can be set up for several years in the future


Reports can be executed whenever necessary, both for competence and GAP analysis

Groups / positions

Competence can be set up for individuals in the organization, but also for groups and different positions


QMS delivers a very good overview of existing competence, and the competence requirements the organization has set for the future


The area of competence is one of the most important focus areas in an organization. Does the organization have the right personnel in the right place? Is there a need for extended competence for employees in the near future? Thus, the QMS competence function can also be used to plan the future of the organization, in a completely different way than using tools such as Excel. The feature also covers the requirements of international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - and automatically complies with the requirements of the standards.


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