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QMS My Page

Dedicated home page for all users - structured overview over tasks and chores


QMS My Page is the users dedicated home area in QMS. In a big OMS (Organization Management System) it can be hard to orient yourself if you dont work actively in the system on a regular basis. To help with this, all users have a dedicated "home area" in QMS. This area gathers all tasks and measures the given user is responsible for in one place, in a know UI that works like an email client. All reports, measures, documents for approval/audit, manual and other tasks will be gathered here. The user can also create tasks, reports, documents and notifications directly from My Page.

All tasks and measures is placed in dedicated folders based on from which module they come from. In this way, the user easily achieves overview and simplicity. Like in most email clients the user can search using key words to find specific tasks and notifications in selected folders, or amongst all tasks and notifications. User will also be notified through email and indicators in My Page when new tasks and notifications are received.

Core functions


All users have their own My Page access, where the responsibility of the employee is structured in tasks with due dates


All measures are sent to a user as tasks with due date. This can be tasks related to checklists, reports, documents and all other measures which must be performed


Notifications are created automatically or manually, and can be reviewed by receiver through web, or as push notification to cell phone

Mobile application

Tasks can be created and processed from mobile application - including processing of pictures and documents


Recognizable UI from Microsoft Outlook


Employees will have direct access to their own relevant documents - for example payslip


Approval of documents from audits is done directly in receivers My Page


Any given employee can apply for courses and education. My Page also includes a full overview of the employees recent competence

Task archive

Archive with access to all tasks in the organization - controlled by user access


All employees can set up their own system of subscriptions from the different modules in QMS


Reports can be generated directly from My Page - controlled by user access


All actions will be notified through email and/or internal notifications, in addition to push notifications to cell phone


My Page can be used to organize all activity in the OMS. Whether it is regarding timesheet, checklists, documents or reports - all will at some point have a reference to My Page through tasks and notifications. My Page can hence be used as the hub for all operations in the OMS.

Document Center

Document center with all features needed. Includes approval flows, audit, and automatic edit/save in your local editor

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Strong module with all the features you need for registering checklist. Integrated is also automatic NCR based on rejection rules

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Purchase module integrated in QMS, with links to the central supplier registry and survey module. Easy overview of latest evaluations

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Full flex HRM, containing all your organization needs for employees, appraisals, timesheets and payroll. Integrated with all modules in QMS

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Reporting Center

With our flexible and dynamic reporting center you can create your own templates for deviations and all other types of reports

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Run surveys to find your customers satifactory level, and evaluate your suppliers. Create internal surveys for evaluating the working environment

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Plan maintenance of machines and equipment - and secure better cost overview and control. The functions are also integrated in admin module

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Customizable functions for competence, allowing your organization to build own models and analysis for all types of competence

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