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QMS Purchase

Send your purchase orders directly from QMS


QMS Purchase can be used as an independent module, but can also be linked with for example QMS Invoice. Register your purchase orders directly in QMS - and have full overview from order to delivery and invoicing. QMS Purchase lets you register and send purchase orders, in addition to register received orders - to let you have full control for all purchases.

Get full control over evaluations made for all suppliers you order from - directly in the order pop up

Core functions


Create PO's directly in QMS


Finalized surveys from Survey module are automatically shown upon seletion of supplier - categorized by the organizations internal quality system


PO's are sent directly from QMS to supplier


Receival of ordered items for full control of the purchase process

Mobile application

Perform receival/withdrawals for specific orders directly from mobile application

Inventory management

Possibility of inventory management - including values


Upload attachments to go with created PO's to supplier


Function for control over all sent orders, through sending, delivery, receival and invoice from supplier


Generate reports directly from the PO-module in QMS

Other products


The heart of QMS, handling all set data like projects, departments, customers, suppliers, employees, items, machines and components

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Invoice module integrated with timesheet and production setup. Create orders and transform to invoices, or create invoices directly

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Our timesheet module is 100 % dynamic. Includes balance bank and holiday bank – and the module is also available in mobile application

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Document Center

Document center with all features needed. Includes approval flows, audit, and automatic edit/save in your local editor

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Reporting Center

With our flexible and dynamic reporting center you can create your own templates for deviations and all other types of reports

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Customizable functions for competence, allowing your organization to build own models and analysis for all types of competence

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My Page

By gathering all tasks and to do lists in a dedicated homepage, the overview becomes easier for all users. Easy access also through mobile application

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