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QMS E-Learning

Maintain and increase the competence for yourself and your coworkers


QMS E-Learning facilitates the platform for courses and exams, and contributes to document increased competence throughout the organization. The module can be used for both external and internal users, and is perfect in cases where the organization needs to hire personell on short time basis, eventually new hirings.

The module lets you easily distribute courses to single users or groups of users, and at the same time it keeps control of all responses. Competence matrices will automatically be updated based on status in every distribution

Core functions


All users have their own homepage with overview of all new, ongoing and completed courses including statistics

Course / Exam

Administrators can create both courses and exams, and link these together for distributions

File formats

The module accepts most file formats, including links to platforms like Youtube

Repetitive courses

Course and competence plans can be created for all employees - and QMS will handle the distribution and update of competence matrices automatically

Updated competence

The internal competence system will automatically be updated with statuses after completion of courses and exams


The module is equipped with matrices containing all information needed. The matrices can be shown pr cours, department, company, project or exam


Overview and graphical statistics for all responses


Course can be distributed linked to exam - to selected users or groups of users

External respondants

Courses can be distributed to external users, for example subcontractors or hired personell


The E-Learning module is perfect for internal increase in competence and to document training of employees. Courses can be build visually using pictures or videos, or by import of for example presentations created in third-party software. Exams can be linked to courses, and hence create distributions that can be sent to selected users.


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