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QMS Timesheet

All necessary functions for timesheet registering in your organization


QMS Timesheet is our dynamic solutions for capturing hours and timesheet registrations. The module is extremely flexible, even with possibilities of deciding what to be registered by the employees of the organization. The modul has multiple levels of approval of hours from employees, starting with the employee himself to locking of registrations and transfer to other external payroll systems.

The modul can easily be integrated with external devices, like for example devices for recognition of fingerprint, iris and most registration cards.

Core functions


QMS Timesheet can be set up specifically for the organization's needs - you decide what is to be registered by your employees


Registrations can be linked to machine, projects, departments, activities, series - and most other types you should need to register


You can edit all registrations made, both from web and mobile application

Mobile application

Mobile application for all functions. Registering, check in, change, approval and overview

Check in / Presence

Check in directly from mobile application - and possibility of overview of presence for all employees


Entries can be approved in multiple levels, from approval by employee, to closing of registrations by management


Payroll transactions can be exported from QMS to most payroll systems

Balance bank

Balance bank with accumulating functions, and factor based on type of hours registered

Holiday bank

Holiday bank with total overview of employees holiday. Functions for booking of holiday, and transferring holiday from one year to the next


Function for leaves with total overview of all types of leaves for all employees


QMS keeps track of all overtime registered.

Overview and reports

Total monthly and weekly overview for all employees. In addition to this QMS offers many other possibilities for reports and custom statistics

Possibilities in QMS Timesheet

The dynamics of QMS Timesheet lets the organization set up the modules in many ways. Some organizations wants to register number of hrs, some wants to register hours from-to, and some wants to use devices or mobile application for check in/check out.

The module can be set up to automatically calculate salary based on timings added by user, for simple and fast transfer of transcations to external systems.


Full flex HRM, containing all your organization needs for employees, appraisals, timesheets and payroll. Integrated with all modules in QMS

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Invoice module integrated with timesheet and production setup. Create orders and transform to invoices, or create invoices directly

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The heart of QMS, handling all set data like projects, departments, customers, suppliers, employees, items, machines and components

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Mobile application

Seamlessly integrated mobile application. Holds features for reports, checklists, documents, tasks, timesheet and purchase

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Strong module with all the features you need for registering checklist. Integrated is also automatic NCR based on rejection rules

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Document Center

Document center with all features needed. Includes approval flows, audit, and automatic edit/save in your local editor

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Reporting Center

With our flexible and dynamic reporting center you can create your own templates for deviations and all other types of reports

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Customizable functions for competence, allowing your organization to build own models and analysis for all types of competence

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