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QMS Checklist

The quality work in an organization is dependent on documentation and facts


QMS Checklist can be used for all types of control - be it control of equipment, safety rounds, audits and many, many more. Like all other modules in QMS, also the checklist module is dynamic. You can easily create your own checklist templates from scratch, down to the specific field you need to add.
By using the mobile application you can quite easily use QR-codes to identify the correct checklist (QR codes are generated from QMS), and you can also sign electronically when finalizing an entry from mobile application.

The usage of checklists is an important part of the quality work in every organization. By using checklists, data is gathered based on predefined parameters, which makes the data easily traceable and can be compared and used in statistics.

Core functions

Create your own templates

Create your own checklists from scratch - starting with your own controls. Choose between multiple types of controls - set your own rules for automatic non conformances, and much, much more...


All checklists and registrations are available on all type of devices


A checklist can be registered by multiple users - through continuation of responsibility of the checklist

Mobile application

Register all your checklists from mobile


Take your pictures when registering a checklist, and link the pictures to the specific points in the checklist

Automatic non conformances

QMS will generate automatic non conformances while registering a checklist - based on your settings for the checklist

Machines and Equipment

Checklists can be linked directly to your machine registry

QR Codes

All checklists can be found easily by using QR codes generated by QMS


Function for distribution of checklists - checklists can automatically be sent to responsible user by selected intervals


Reports including pictures can be downloaded or sent to email receivers (also from mobile application)



Checklists are, and will always be, a very important tool in the organization's work within Quality and HSE.
But, the usage does not stopp there. With a module as dynamic as QMS Checklist, where you can build your own checklist templates from scratch, it is only the imagination and creativity that sets the limit for usage.
The checklist module is linked to the reporting center in QMS (Deviations, near miss etc), which allows the software to automatically create reports if a checklist is not registered with desirable values.


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