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QMS Invoice

Invoice integrated in the quality system


QMS Invoice can be used independently as a standalone module, but can also be linked to modules like QMS Purchase and QMS Timesheet. Send invoices easy to your customers from QMS Invoice - and transfer all transactions to your accounting system automatically.

The invoice module can also be linked to production processes, to automate functions for order based production.

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Purchase module integrated in QMS, with links to the central supplier registry and survey module. Easy overview of latest evaluations

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Strong module with all the features you need for registering checklist. Integrated is also automatic NCR based on rejection rules

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The heart of QMS, handling all set data like projects, departments, customers, suppliers, employees, items, machines and components

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Mobile application

Seamlessly integrated mobile application. Holds features for reports, checklists, documents, tasks, timesheet and purchase

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Full flex HRM, containing all your organization needs for employees, appraisals, timesheets and payroll. Integrated with all modules in QMS

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Strong module and functions for visualization of processes for the whole organization. Customize all processes in your organization

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Plan maintenance of machines and equipment - and secure better cost overview and control. The functions are also integrated in admin module

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Create courses and exams for new employees and other external users. Lower the organization's treshold for increasing competence

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