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Release notes QMS

Ver Date Module Type Issue 15.09.2018 Breeding Enhancement Enhanced the boat registry in Admin module - better graphical views of hierarchy of components. 15.09.2018 Breeding New function Created history for maintenance of components for boats. Placed in the respective boat's registry. 15.09.2018 Reporting Center Fix When searching in Reporting Center > Archive the search is reset after processing of reports. Sticky search is applied for function, to maintain the search after processing reports. 15.09.2018 Timesheet New function New report added: Counting report (hours) for machines. Criterias for user when generating report is date interval and selection of macine (multiple)
2.39.20180910 10.09.2018 Mobile application New function Possibility of editing images in mobile application prior to sending to QMS. Functions made available: grafitti, text, delete, filter and emoji. 08.09.2018 Document Fix When uploading documents in batches technical number was not generated for all documents 08.09.2018 Boat registry Fix Move maintenance functions into components in boats registry 08.09.2018 Recruitment Fix Issues in customer login to recruitment functions => problems when booking interviews 01.09.2018 Timesheet Fix Small changes in reports in timesheet modules 25.08.2018 Purchase Fix Enhancements in link to supplier registry in Purchase module 25.08.2018 Purchase New function Web service for registering purchase orders from mobile application published. Full deployment of function in later version. 18.08.2018 Checklist Improvement Possibility of downloading checklist reports with minimized pictures - or full sized pictures. 12.08.2018 Timesheet Improvement Added expected hrs in weekly view 12.08.2018 Reporting Center Fix Not possible to override tasks in reports in archive in Reporting Center for certain type of tasks 24.07.2018 Admin Improvement Created function for sending username and password to multiple users at the same time 24.07.2018 Questionnaire Improvement New report type created, with possibilities for summary of responses 24.07.2018 Recruitment New function New functions added to recruitment module:
- More sections/tabs for visa documentation
- Possibility for communication directly between customer and agent
- Country registry considering needed documentation for visa application
- Automatic emails and functions between customer and agent 11.07.2018 Admin Improvement Possibility to change name of lines. Earlier created automatically by QMS 11.07.2018 Document Center Improvement Increased size of document section in processes. In addition documents now will be sorted by type. 11.07.2018 MyPage Fix Problems with pictures taken when creating/processing tasks in mobile application. 29.06.2018 Document Center Improvement Automatic footer containing relevant information (author, last audit, audit number, title etc) when downloading documents. All file formats. 29.06.2018 Document Center Improvement Allow linking of documents to process when performing batch uploads. 27.06.2018 Document Center Improvement Misc cosmetic changes in process view